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Company Overview

  • Name: Banco Agrario de Colombia S.A.
  • Acronym: Banco Agrario
  • NIT: 800.037.800-8
  • Address: Carrera 8 No. 15-43, Bogotá, D.C.
  • PBX: 3821400
  • Call Center: 
    • Contacto Banagrario: 01 8000 91 5000. 
    • In Bogotá: 594 8500
  • E-mail:

Our Beginning

Banco Agrario de Colombia S. A. is the result of the conversion of society Leasing Colvalores -Commercial Finance Company-, decided by its General Assembly of Shareholders based on the authorization according to the law, that establish the type of credit finance companies to a commercial establishment of credit by commercial banks, originally called Banco de Desarrollo Empresarial S. A. and, subsequently, Banco Agrario de Colombia SA; conversion that was approved by the Superintendencia Bancaria, through Resolution No. 0968 of June 24 of 1999.

Banco Agrario de Colombia SA opened its doors to the public on June 28, 1999, being a financial institution set up with the main objective, but not exclusively, to provide banking services to the rural sector, with authorization to finance rural activities; such as: agricultural, cattle, fisheries, forestry and agribusiness, and in general meeting the financial needs in rural and urban sectors, with the most extensive network of offices ready to serve the community in the country.

For its capital composition, is a mixed economic society of national order, from the type of anonymous, hold to the system of industrial and commercial state, linked to the Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural.


Bank Statutes reformed according the approval of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders.

Banco Agrario Statutes (Spanish Version)